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Writing in Ancient Egypt Legacy

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       Writing in Ancient Egypt Legacy 


          Some things between Ancient Egypt and us today are very alike considering how we use it.  For example, Ancient Egyptians used their form of writing to make books about certain things and subjects like Government and Law, just like we do today.  We have used the Ancient Egyptians way of writing to form pictures and symbols that represent words and emotions today.  Like, signs on roads help us know how to do certain things like stop, no parking, no entry, u turn prohibited, horn prohibitied, speed limit, and speed breaker.  No smoking signs help us today by keeping us away from second-hand smoke.

          Authors today, are pretty much like scribes way back in Ancient Egypt. Our government today is much like the government Ancient Egyptians had because they also used to have taxes. Some people say that Egyptians were the first ones to come up with taxes.

          If there was no hieroglyphics or other forms of writing in Ancient Egypt, we might not have known about all the facts and ideas they had for us today


            By: S.R.C. and N.R.  


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