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PB Wiki Assessment Rubric

Page history last edited by Justin Hurley 11 years, 6 months ago
Criteria Insufficient Needs Work Good Outstanding Possible Total Total
Keyword Note Taking Copying a lot Copying a few words Copying Very Little Evidence of changed wording 10  
Bibliography Not done Not complete Done but lots of mistakes Done with very few mistakes 10  
How and when the idea was used Nothing about this Not clear - very little about use Some good information but not complete Very clear and concise about when and how it was used 5  
Importance to Egypt Nothing Not clear Something but not enough Clear and embellished with own words 5  
Most Important Argument Nothing Very little with no evidence Included one reason, but not embellished Not only included a lot of evidence - argument was very convincing 5  
Opening Paragraph Non existent Included but not particularly creative Good introduction but missing reasoning Catchy intro and rationale clearly stated 5  
Ending Non existent Very little said to pull it together repetitive Ties in with the beginning and brings in new vocab Ties in with the beginning but ends convincingly and creatively 5  
Spelling/Grammar Lots of mistakes A few mistakes Very few - 1 or 2 mistakes Hardly any mistakes whatsoever 5  

Visual Appeal

  • Font/Spacing
  • Creative Additions
  • Organized Sub Heading
  • Good Clear Images
  • Images relationship to text
  • Linked Pages and Plugins
None A little Enough Plenty/related 10

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