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King Tutankhamen's Legacy

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King Tutankhamen's Legacy



          To begin with, King Tutankhamen’s tomb was the one and only tomb that was found intact. Everything in his tomb was untouched for thousands of years. Many people in the world became more and more interested in the civilization of ancient Egypt  

For another thing, the walls in the tomb of King Tutankhamen were full with complete hieroglyphics that can be great improvement to the archaeologists in understanding more about hieroglyphics. Without out the hieroglyphics all around the walls of the tomb, we wouldn't fully understand the ways of farming or the culture. It is true that hieroglyphics were found in other tombs too but what was special about King Tutankhamen’s is because it wasn’t robbed, no missing part to the hieroglyphics. 

          In King Tut's tomb, there were luxury items, for example gold everywhere. Life today we are still intrested in gold and the time when King Tutankhamen was still alive. This helps promotes ancient Egypt and many people became even more intrested in ancient Egypt. If King Tut never ordered a great tomb for himself, we wouldn't have known some of the things the Egyptians used and we wouldn't have been so intrested in Egypt. Since the tomb was filled with gold, toys, and jewelry, we were fascinated about the wonders of ancient Egypt. King Tut's tomb contain all these things, gold, jewelry and toys and because of thar we now, we want to know a lot more about Egypt.

This is all thanks to King Tut that ancient Egypt is famous. 

Finally, because of these reasons King Tut has become one of the most important legacies in ancient Egypt.


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