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King Tut's Life

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King Tut's Life 



King Tut  was the youngest pharaoh,

King Tut was nine or eight years old when he got the throne .

They say King Tut was the most famous pharaoh in Egypt.

 King Tut’s real name was Tutankhamen but his birth name was Tutankhanton.  The Egyptians  did not now who was  King Tut’s father or mother but they think that it was Akhenaten and Kiya. King Tut was married to his half-sister Ankhensenpaaton, the daughter of Nefertiti. King Tut was really popular pharaoh because of his riches, gold in his tomb and was found in Valley of the Kings and amazingly  that it was not robbed .

The tomb had  been intact for 3000 years but now it has been found by Howard Carter. King Tut changed his name to Tutankhama and changed his wife’s name to Ankhesenamun.  King Tut changed their names to reflect their beliefs toward Amoun the ( eight headed god of Ogobab). King Tut suddenly died because of an illness but same people believe that  someone killed King Tut, he  died around eighteen or nineteen years old, King Tut only ruled for four years. King Tut died young but he was a great pharaoh that no one could ever forget because of the  art on his tombs , the gold, Egyptians  clothes  and  food  without these things that King Tut wanted in his tomb we would not have thought that there was  another civilization in Egypt, and that there was another great pharaoh in Egypt.





Here is a little video on some theory that scientist has made


for King Tutankhamen's death...enjoy! =]


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