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Health and Medicine Legacy

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     Ancient Egyptians had some similarities about health and medicine with people now. Doctors then and doctors now are respected except in ancient Egyptian doctors were respected more during that time. Ancient Egyptians knew a good diet was important and we know that. If they didn’t know we might have not of learned that until later. They had textbooks then on medicine and we medicine on textbooks. The idea of textbooks may have come from the textbooks then. Science and faith were close then and are coming closer now. People are learning now is having some faith may help the results. Some religions today are still related to health like ancient Egypt. One of the religions is the Jehovah Witnesses. They believe that they cannot have blood transfusions because they believe that it’s the same as eating blood. Maybe some religions may have not thought about that if ancient Egyptians didn’t do that. Imagine if people didn’t have textbooks, a good diet, or faith in medical treatments. The people of the world wouldn’t last that long. We might not have been even living. I thank the ancient Egyptians for all they did.


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Harjinder Sangra said

at 8:58 am on May 29, 2009

very good legacy paragraph

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