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Gods and Goddesses

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Gods and Goddesses


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 A = Anubis; B = Nehebka; C = Isis; D = Osiris; E = Sekhmet


                      Gods and goddesses were a important role in the life of the Ancient Egyptians.  The Ancient Egyptians believed in more than 2000 gods and goddesses.  Each god with a different form and power.  Some were powerful and some protected things, some gods built things, and some gods took care of things.  Many gods were represented by animals.  These are some of the main gods of ancient Egypt: Amun- a man with a ram head who was called "King of the Gods".  When Amun was combined with the sun god, Ra, Amun became more powerful and then he was called Amun-Ra; Anubis- a man with a jackal head who was the god of embalming and the dead.  Also, Anubis helped embalm Osiris after he was killed by Seth; Aten- was a sun disk with rays that end in each hand.  Aten was a form of the sun god, Ra; Atum- wore a double crown, and was known as the creator god.  Egyptians believed that Atum was the first god to exist and he created all the gods; Bastet- a woman with the head of a cat, and a protective goddess; Bes- dwarf with lion combined with human features.  Bes was the protector of families, pregnant women, and babies; Geb- god with a goose on his head.  Geb was the god of the earth; Hapy- was important to the egyptians because he brought the daily flood every year; Hathor- cow-like goddess.  Hathor was a protective goddess and the goddess of love and joy and she was the wife of Horus; Horus- hawk-like head.  Horus was the god of the sky.  Well-known was the protector of the ruler of Egypt.  Also, Horus was the son of Isis, and Osiris.  In a battle with Osiris's brother Seth, Horus lost a eye and his eye has become a symbol of protection for the Egyptians; Isis- was a protective goddess and had special magical spells/powers to help people in need.  Wife of Osiris and mother of Horus; Khepri- head of a scarab beetle.  Khepri was the god of creation, movement of sun, and rebirth; Khnum- head of a curly-horned ram.  Khnum was a creator god and was linked to the innundation (flooding every year) that occurred; Ma'at- appearance is of being a feather.  Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice and harmony.  Daughter of sun god Ra; Nephyths- nicknamed 'Lady of the Mansion'.  Nephyths was the protective goddess of the dead.  Was the sister of Isis, and Osiris and sister/wife of Seth; Nun- carries a bark.  Only thing that existed on land before there was any land; Nut- body arches across the sky.  Nut was the sky-goddess.  Was the sister/wife of Geb.  Also, the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nephyths, and Seth; Osiris- a mummified man wearing a cone like hat with feathers.  Osiris was the god of the underworld and he chose whether a person would enter the underworld or not.  If the person's life was bad then they wouldn't we allowed to enter the underworld, if there life was good and was worthy then they would be allowed to enter from the permission of Osiris.  Osiris was the brother/husband of Isis, and brother of Nephyths and Seth.  Also, Osiris was the father of Horus.  Egyptians thought that Osiris gave them the gift of barley; Ptah- was the god of craftsmen; Ra- was the sun god.  Most important god to the ancient Egyptians; Ra-Horakhty- combination of Ra and Horus.  Ra-Horakhty was known as the god of the rising sun; Sekhmet- woman with head of a lion.  Was the goddess of war; Seshat- goddess of writing and measurement; Seth- God of Chaos.  Seth was the evil god.  He represented the threatened harmony in Egypt.  Brother of Isis, and Osiris, and husband/brother of Nephyths.  Killed his brother Osiris and then fought with his nephew Horus to be the ruler of the living; Shu- a lion.  Shu was the god of air; Sobek- has a head of a crocodile.  Was a Nile god and protected the king.  Crocodiles were kept in pools at temples to honour Sobek; Tawaret- Goddess who protected woman during pregnancy and when it's the birth of their child; Tefnut- goddess of moisture.  Wife of Shu and the mother of Nut and Geb; Thoth- baboon-like face.  Was the god of writing and knowledge.  Ancient Egyptians believed that the gods and goddesses were really important so they had temples and statues built for them.  Small shrines were found in the Ancient Egyptian homes in the form of the god.  Statues were made in form of the god and they were kept in the temples.  Every day, the statue inside the temple was dressed and given food and drinks.  The main god, Re, the sun god, was known to create the Nile River.  An exact version of Egypt was known to exist in the Egyptians afterlife:  the underworld kingdom which was led by Osiris, the god of the underworld. The underworld had some of the same features as Egypt's.


                                                                                                                                                               By: B. L





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