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Egypt Law Legacy

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     While researching about the history of laws and crime and punishments in Ancient Egypt, we look back of how the Pharaoh and his or her representatives controlled their society using the laws they made to keep the society stable and functioning properly.


     For one thing, both laws in Ancient Egypt are both similar and different. The law today and in Ancient Egypt is basically the same but punishments back then were more strict. For example, a punishment for women who has commited crime was to make her appearance imperfect. They did this because beaty for women in Ancient Egypt was important to them in life. You would get beatings for stealing goods ar a local market but Today, people don't get beaten up for doing a crime. Punishments today are less brutal, mostly in North America. But for some parts of the world they've got punishments that are almost as strict and brutal as the Ancient Egyptian punishments. for example, in China, they have the highest death senences in the world. They have executed more people than any other country in the world has. Here in Canada, they don't give out any death sentences. In Ancient Egypt, people had no lawyers, so then people spoke for themselves. But today, we can hire lawyers to speak for us.


     Laws are a set of rules that every civilization in the pas has to keep the society functioning properly and free of criminals. This is what every society through generations want until now.


                                                                                                                           By Josephine Lam



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