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Death rituals Legacy

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          The death rituals used in ancient Egypt and the death rituals today are similar in a few ways. To begin with both ancient Egyptians and present day people try to preserve the body for as long as they possible can. So after a long period of time they can still see the shape of the body. Second, both ancient Egyptians and present day people put items that were important in the person’s life with the body when it is being put into the coffin. Sometimes in Egypt when a person was wearing jewelry they would leave it on when the body is being wrapped. Now if the person is wearing a ring they will leave it on when the body is put into the coffin. Finally both ancient Egyptians and present day people decorate the body for the funeral.







          Today, people believe in the mummification because in Egypt they believed in afterlife and now some countries do too. For example, Egypt believed in afterlife and now China does too. Also before in Egypt they preserved the body and now they use it as ideas for movies. Sometimes in Egypt they used to get a little fancy, as they put amulets to protect the body. Now people decorate the body with jewelry, amulets and there long time souvenirs. There are lots of similarities between Egypt then and us now. They also put there bodies into coffins, It nowadays as well. The coffin was one of the greatest ideas and it’s really important, if we didn’t have it, the bodies wouldn’t be protected and safe.



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