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Ancient Egyptian Architecture



The Pyramids:


     There were many forms of architecture in Ancient Egypt, the most famous being the pyramids built during the middle kingdom. Before the pyramids took the shape of what we see them now, they used to be flat, bench-like buildings called mastabas. They, like the pyramids, were used as tombs for the pharoah. Soon one pharoah wanted something grander, so the step pyramid took shape. The step pyramid was built by stacking six mastabas on top of each other while getting smaller towards the top. Soon, the pyramids began to shape into the common shape that we all know. Before this happened though, there were a couple of other shapes that it took on. The first being the mastabas, then the step pyramid, next the bent pyramid, a pyramid with a narrower base, and finally the the pyramid that we all know. to make the pyramids, over two million blocks of limestone, weighing at over six million tonnes were used to build a monument that was forty-stories high! I'd really hate to be one of those builders!


Below is a video on how to build a pyramid. 


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