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Ancient Egyptian Fashion Legacy

Page history last edited by Amneet Randhawa 11 years ago
 Fashion Legacy
Ancient Egyptian fashion and modern day fashion is similar in many ways. Now, you must be wondering, well, we know that the Egyptians loved their fashion, but how is it important? Some people might say that Ancient Egyptian fashion is NOT the most important legacy. Well, I'm telling those people that they are WRONG! How could fashion not be important? It's one of the things Egyptians are most known for, it is a legacy, and it is the MOST IMPORTANT LEGACY!
The Egyptians gave us many contributions from fashion, such as their fabulous linen. Ancient Egyptian linen is very important to us today because the linen they used then is very useful for us today. How, you ask? Linen was a thin fabric, which was great for the hot, dry Egyptian climate. This cloth is perfect for farming during any hot, dry seasons. Like, in India, linen is light and perfect for farming, but, if it wasn't for linen people would be working in heavy clothes, making it hard to work. Lots of people wear cotton, which is from Egypt, so, why wouldn't they like linen? Linen is also rare now. Being perfect for warm weather, linen is also nice to wear, and kind of see through. We also sell linen in places today, and trust me, it is not cheap! People make good money our of selling the Egyptian linen. Linen is only one out of the four contributions from the Egyptians to us.
This is how Egyptians made linen.
Did you ever wonder where some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry came from? Jewelry came from Egypt of course. Egyptians wore a lot of jewelry; in fact, they wore jewelry for no reason at all. That was then, but now, people still wear a lot of jewelry. Egyptians wore jewelry because they felt beautiful and attractive. Gold and silver was very popular back then, and it is popular now too; so are gems. Lots of things worn back then are popular now. People today wear jewelry for the same reasons the Egyptians wore jewelry. Jewelers make a lot of money selling jewelry, some pieces likely to be just like Egyptian pieces of jewelry. I think jewelry is the most important out of the whole fashion legacy because, BOY! Did the Egyptians wear a lot of it!
This is an Egyptian bracelet.
Now, for the third Ancient Egyptian fashion contribution to us, MAKEUP! I can say the same for makeup as I said for jewelry; the Egyptians wore a lot of it. Wait, not only did they have makeup, but they also had cleansing creams, body scrubs, perfume, and even wore oil to make their skin smoother. Women, and some men today, just mash cleansing creams on to their faces. Why? cleansing creams got rid of unwanted things on your face, such as pimples! I'm guessing the Egyptians wore them for the same reason. They just had to look beautiful all the time! People use body scrubs today, why? Well, because we want to keep are selves clean, just like the Egyptians, and you would notice that Egyptians are very neat, organized, and clean people. Oil; why do we have lotion, just like our lotion, Egyptians used oil to keep their skin nice and smooth, well, now, we can use oil too! Perfume is one of the things some people can't survive without, like some men and woman, but mostly men. Perfume keeps you from stinking when you really don't smell very good. I doubt that the Egyptians used perfume for this reason; my guess is they wore it as a little extra, be a little more better, you know! Some people today are the same way!
This is an Egyptian women applying makeup.
The last Egyptian Fashion contribution is style. Egyptians wore wigs, like some people today, but for different reasons. Egyptians wore wigs because  their real hair caused to much heat, so all Egyptians, except for children, had shaved heads. All adults wore wigs that were not itchy and hot, in fact, the Egyptian's heads could breathe with the wig on; the wigs were breezy. Children, how ever, wore only a lock of their own hair to one side. At the end of the day, the Egyptian's wigs were kept in a special, glass container. Wigs can be worn by people with a hair growth problem. Wigs are very helpful for people who have cancer; and they are also one of the best contributions from the Egyptians to us.
This is an Egyptian wig.
Another Egyptian style is what kinds of clothes they wore. Women wore different kinds of dresses, men and women both wore tunics and children wore nothing, or very little clothing. Women wore the same kinds of dresses women wear now; long, pleated dresses. Men and women both wore tunics then, and some people still wear tunics, but others like wearing baggy clothing like tunics. Well, for children, their fashion is history, because children today like to stay covered!
         These are some Egyptian dresses. 
This is a tunic.
When you read all this, doesn't fashion seem to become the most important Egyptian legacy. Well, it doesn't seem to become the most important Egyptian legacy, IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EGYPTIAN LEGACY!








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at 9:29 am on May 25, 2009

- excellent work on this part! Very convincing!

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